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Imagine the future of the planet

Imagine a future built on sustainability. What would our world look like if we were to achieve our sustainability goals? And what impact could sustainable investing have on our people and planet? One thing we do know is that when we invest in a future we need, the potential is limitless.

“It is not where you start but how high you aim
that matters for success.”

Nelson Mandela

1. Jobs for all

90% of new jobs created come from small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which have contributed almost three quarters of the country’s 5.4% annual GDP growth over the past decade. Now, imagine a reality where businesses can easily access the finance required to grow. How big an impact could that have on unemployment in South Africa?

Let’s explore that reality.

South Africa has exceeded the targets set in its National Development Plan (NDP), resulting in reduced unemployment levels which are now less than half of the 35% peak seen a decade earlier. Key to the accelerated job creation and economic growth has been the strong partnerships built between the public sector, business and labour. This has strengthened the country’s infrastructure network and boosted investment in the key areas of agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

South Africa is now also uniquely positioned as a leader in new ‘green’ technologies – notably the production and export of hydrogen-based fuels and electric vehicles. Could these new industries, catalysed by the global focus on climate change, drive a continued surge in new SMEs and job prospects?

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We’ve given you a snapshot of a sustainable future. Curious to see more? Our expert alternative investment solutions report gives the full picture.


Success stories

Making a real, tangible difference is possible. Watch these videos to discover more insights and the success stories.

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The unemployment rate improved modestly to

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of our economy and the major source of job creation. Studies show that increasing access to finance leads to an increase in revenue and job growth. With South Africa’s National Development Plan anticipating that SMEs will generate 90% of the targeted 11 million new jobs by 2030, the private sector will need to play a meaningful role in funding SMEs and other businesses that can drive growth.

*Stats SA

Job creation is one of our three core impact themes in creating a more sustainable future.
Now let’s look at a future where we have successfully reduced societal inequality.

If you believe in it, invest in it

2. An equal society

An empowered society has equal access to information, technology, education, infrastructure, social protection, and economic empowerment. With this in place, individuals are able to pursue and achieve their life goals. Empowerment is how a community thrives. And it’s why an empowered workforce is a significant driver of equal opportunity.

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Curious to see what else this holds for South Africa? Download the report.


Impact investing is shifting the scales of power to SMEs. Watch the videos to see what happens when you invest with purpose for an equal society.

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Striving for a more equal society

In South Africa, 10% of the population holds 71% of the wealth while 60% holds just 7%. In a more equal society, high-income disparity is being addressed to ensure greater prosperity for all. The government is working to reduce economic inequality through the redistribution of our country’s resources, and private capital plays a unique role in supporting this process.

Alternative investments are powerful investment vehicles with the potential to deliver positive social and economic impact. It’s a future where the balance of power has shifted to create a more equal society.

When we envision a new society, we look to empowered people with appropriate skills who are changing the rules of the game. And changing our people’s prospects for the better.

Now, how can sustainable investing impact the environment?

Investing energy where it matters

3. A green economy

Once the G20’s largest intensity emitter of greenhouse gases, South Africa is now a leading producer of renewable energy and a major exporter of cost-effective green hydrogen and electric vehicles. This transition opens doors to many new industries and job opportunities. Case in point, the Northern Cape’s electrolysis facility has produced over 20,000 new jobs per year for the last 10 years.

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The green economy could fundamentally change the future for our people and our planet. Find out how.


The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges we face today. But we are far from powerless. Take a look at the ground-breaking developments that are helping us achieve a green economy.

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CO2 levels are at their highest in three million years

Our future begins with what we do today. The UN estimates that transitioning to a green economy can unlock new economic opportunities, with an investment of USD 1 likely to yield four times the value. As an example, oceans can now be considered the world’s seventh largest economy, generating some USD 2.5 trillion annual profit.

A sustainable future is the best long-term investment you can make.

About Alternative Investing

Our alternative investing solutions

A sustainable future is the best long-term investment you can make. Which is why a new wave of investors is looking for competitive capital returns that have a positive impact on society and our planet. We have committed to investing R35 billion over the next 10 years to achieve our sustainability goals and we’re well on our way to achieving this target.

Why private markets are best suited to impact sustainability

Private markets have gained in popularity and appeal for investors wanting to align their portfolios with their values by putting their money into companies that benefit their portfolios as well as the planet.

  • Private markets offer a wider pool of investment opportunities
  • Private markets, with their longer investment horizon, are more open to new ideas and technologies offered by small, innovative companies, giving these companies time to thrive
  • Investors have a greater ability to influence a company’s potential impact and financial outcomes
  • Impact investing has become institutionalised, giving investors opportunities to earn better returns at lower risk levels

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