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We manage over R400 billion in assets under management and offer a wide range of investment capabilities across active management, alternative investments, index tracking, multi-management and international investments. As authorities on portfolio construction, we blend individual investment strategies from these capabilities into well-diversified solutions for our clients. Our objective is to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth while making a meaningful contribution to transformation and the South African economy.

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Why we do it

Much like nurturing and growing our clients’ investments, if you want your garden to bloom year-round, you need to plant seeds for every season.

It doesn’t matter where you start.

Age, Net Worth, Background, Education

They don’t matter – you’ll never regret starting today.

As you move from building sandcastles to building companies, we’ll help strengthen your foundations.

Because nothing is more attractive than financial freedom.

Building your wealth gives you more options to relax, to grow, to travel, to create and to expand.

Directly and indirectly we’ll be developing, transforming and growing the economy together.

We want to be part of what South Africa becomes, and what you can become.

There has never been a better time to invest.

How we make it happen

We’re in the business of building solutions.

Through a combination of advanced tools, in-depth research and expert insights.

We grow and preserve wealth by sourcing both conventional and unconventional investment opportunities.

We engage in robust debate across teams, sharing knowledge across business departments.

We wrap each employee in a single purpose: to nurture and grow our clients’ wealth while making a meaningful contribution to transformation, growth and development of our economy and society.

We solve real on-the-ground problems faced by South Africans, by supporting affordable housing, infrastructure, healthcare, and access to transport.

The world of opportunity is expanding and we’re surging ahead with it.

It’s all about you



Whatever you need, we have it. And if we don’t, we’ll build it.

Solutions   Strategies

Reading pages of investment jargon is no fun. So we’re losing the frills and just keeping it simple.

And with our website and client communications, we’ve made our products simple to understand and navigate.

So spend a little extra time with your friends and family, and we’ll help navigate the investment world with you.

Values we live by

While keeping an eye on the horizon, our values guide our daily actions.

Strength in collaboration

Candid and transparent

Embracing diversity and change

Entrepreneurial in our approach

Continuous learning

Passion for everything we do

These values, together with our purpose, help us to continuously drive progress.

Bricks and mortar

Solid roots bear the most fruit.


“Transformation is about diversity, community and inclusion with employment equity as a component thereof.”

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Corporate Governance

As corporate citizens, we feel that it is our responsibility and it makes long-term investment sense to have rigorous policies in place, to follow and uphold high corporate governance standards. Our strong governance and compliance procedures are supported by the Sanlam Group, and ensure each decision is checked and rechecked to ensure alignment with client objectives and risk profile.

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We offer opportunities in many diverse fields.

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Our family

We’re lucky to have a big family. Our siblings include Sanlam Private Wealth, Sanlam Specialised Finance and Sanlam Investments UK. We’re all different, but we have some similarities.

Technology has exploded across the world, from Wall Street to India’s technology start-ups, and Africa’s cellphone banking.

But laptops, algorithms and data cannot dream. Only people can dream, and dream big!

Our people have diverse spirits, backgrounds and mindsets, brought together by a tangible desire to push boundaries.

New times, new thinking

Our references

Our business is built on a legacy of trust, which is why we’re driven to deliver results.

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