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Core Fund Range

Find the fund that best suits your investment objectives and start investing today

Our expansive range of Core Funds is carefully selected by top investment experts, and designed to cover the entire spectrum of risk/return profiles. Placing particular emphasis on different time horizons and risk appetites, the Core Fund range offers investment solutions that suit the unique risk and return requirements of every investor.

Risk Profile Classification Model

To ensure that you choose a fund that’s best suited to your needs, you need to start by defining your financial goals, analysing your risk tolerance, and determining where you fall on the risk/return scale. As an investor, your key driving force is achieving your financial goals within a specified time frame, which in turn determines your risk and return needs. With the help of our risk profile classification model, you can find out exactly what your risk appetite is – whether it’s conservative, aggressive or somewhere in between. This in turn will enable you to choose a core investment fund based on your individual risk profile.

Low Risk
High Risk
You are very careful and want to protect your capital. Time Horizon: 0-2 years
You’d prefer not to take risks, but can be persuaded. Time Horizon: 3-5 years
You’re willing to take risks with some of your assets. Time Horizon: 6-7 years
Moderate Aggressive
You understand the long-term risk/return trade-off. Time Horizon: 8-9 years
You're willing to risk more for maximum returns. Time Horizon: 10 years+
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Being a conservative investor means that you may be reluctant to lose any of the money you put away, even if it means making a smaller return on your investments. Your longer-term return should still be a healthy 1% to 2% per annum above inflation.

Sanlam Investment Management Enhanced Yield Fund

You’re looking for slightly better returns than offered by your bank, and you don’t mind some fluctuation in the value of your investment.

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Sanlam Investment Management Active Income Fund

You rely on your investment for a stable income and cannot afford to take on too much risk, but you need some share exposure to keep up with inflation.

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Being a cautious investor means that you’re willing to accept a small amount of risk for a short-term loss on your initial investment. On the flip-side, your longer-term returns should be between 3% and 4% per annum above inflation.

Satrix Low Equity Balanced Index Fund

You’re uncomfortable with large fluctuations in your investment value over the short term, and would therefore prefer a more stable fund.

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Sanlam Investment Management Inflation Plus Fund

Even though you’re a cautious investor, you still want bold results. What you need is an investment fund that can deliver, no matter what happens.

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As a moderate investor, you may be willing to accept a bit more risk in the short term, followed by probable returns of between 4% and 5% per annum above inflation in the future.

Sanlam Investment Management Balanced Fund

You’ve heard it before: when it comes to investing, never put your shares in one basket. Let a professional choose the most promising assets for you.

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As a moderately aggressive investor, you probably believe that risk and reward go hand-in-hand. A higher level of risk on your investment should result in higher returns of about 5% per annum above inflation.

Satrix Balanced Index Fund

You are saving long term and looking for a well-diversified portfolio. You are comfortable with fluctuations in your capital value over the short term.

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If you’re an aggressive investor, you’re here to make as much of a return on your investment as possible, no matter the risk. If you’re comfortable with high short-term risk, with probable long-term returns of 6% per annum above inflation, aggressive investing is for you.

Sanlam Investment Management Top Choice Equity Fund

You’re comfortable with extreme short-term price fluctuations in pursuit of superior long-term performance. Included in SIM’s best investment ideas.

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Satrix Momentum Index Fund

You believe that rising shares tend to continue rising, and falling shares tend to continue falling, and seek to take advantage of these trends.

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Satrix Dividend Plus Index Fund

You are looking to invest in reliable companies that are mature, profitable and stable, in an effort to secure high dividend pay-outs.

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Satrix MSCI World Equity Index Feeder Fund

You’re ready to diversify across countries and want to look beyond South Africa to preserve your wealth. No offshore bank account required.

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Satrix Property Index Fund

You want to invest long-term, but realise that property investment has its disadvantages. Why not diversify across liquid property instruments?

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Sanlam Investment Management General Equity Fund

You are willing to take the bold step towards a share portfolio. Trust our team of professionals to select these companies for you.

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