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Nautilus Awards 2017

The Nautilus Awards recognise the efforts of the top broker consultants and regional managers throughout Southern Africa.

Much like the Nautilus mollusk, a resilient “living fossil” species, Nautilus winners show consistent determination and focus in achieving their goals. The 2017 competition is in full swing and will be running from 1 January 2017 to 30 September 2017, culminating in a prestigious two-day event and awards ceremony in Cape Town in November. During the two-day period, the winners will get the opportunity to network with the executive team and enjoy some well-deserved downtime in the vibrant Cape.


About the Nautilus Awards

Find out more about the launch of the Nautilus Awards, our success since inception, and what our winners can look forward to this year.

2016 Award Winners

The 2016 Nautilus winners were treated to a two-day stay in Cape Town, during which time they engaged in one-on-one meetings with our business leaders and Sanlam Investments fund managers. Day 1 of the luxury getaway concluded with a private charter on the exclusive Tigger 2 yacht, followed by dinner and the prize giving at Sevruga, overlooking the harbour. Our winners enjoyed 5-star overnight accommodation before heading out to relax on Day 2, which included wine tasting, lunch, quad biking and horse riding at the Cape’s beautiful Rheboskloof Estate.

2016 Gallery

Browse through the gallery to see more of the Nautilus 2016 winners’ Cape Town experience.


March 2017

The table below ranks the top 10 broker consultants on the SILSS platform, and is determined using the following calculation:

Absolute Investments Inflows 75% weighting
Relative Market Share to SI 25% weighting
Rank Name Value of Flows to SI Market Share
1 Leigh Zweers R 14 944 872 63.6%
2 Denise Benjamin R 2 879 852 83.5%
3 Francois Olivier R 3 128 005 44.4%
4 Erna Venter R 2 368 328 67.9%
5 Valery Tshivhenga R 9 156 567 38.5%
6 Indira Govender R 1 520 615 93.8%
7 CT van der Merwe R 6 636 466 34.3%
7 Kiran Maharaj R 2 295 427 49.1%
9 Ansie Sadie R 2 400 000 37.5%
10 Pieter Mans R 2 049 199 41.8%

This table will be updated on a monthly basis.

More SILSS Rankings

The table below ranks the top 15 broker consultants on the Glacier platform, and is determined using the following calculation:

Absolute Sanlam Investments Inflows 75% weighting
Relative Market Share to SI 25% weighting
Rank Name Value of Flows to SI Market Share
1 Annette Mertsch R 7 610 816 100%
2 Anelma Botha R 6 700 648 100%
3 Armand Kruger R 6 700 660 56.8%
4 Pieter Mans R 15 534 400 26.4%
5 Jaco Rossouw R 9 393 400 27.7%
6 Maropeng Seema R 4 335 436 94.9%
7 Margaret Els R 9 422 339 22%
8 Rhoda James R 3 448 940 100%
9 Maria van Loggerenberg R 7 230 476 22.6%
10 Smaragda Krynauw R 3 787 122 48.5%
11 Rita Muller R 8 509 076 16.4%
12 Vacant R 5 493 921 21.7%
13 Helena Belling R 15 143 993 12.2%
14 Bernadette Ontong R 3 990 557 23.9%
15 Daniel Moreeng R 5 611 774 15.7%

This table will be updated on a monthly basis.

More Glacier Rankings

The table below ranks the top 5 regional managers, and indicates their SI flows to the respective platforms. The rankings are determined by using a 50% weighting to SILSS and 50% to Glacier which is also calculated using the following calculation:

Absolute Sanlam Investments Inflows 75% weighting
Relative Market Share to SI 25% weighting
Rank Region Glacier SILSS
Value of flows to SI Market Share Value of flows to SI Market Share
1 BD:BOLAND R 27 615 312 13.7% R 9 503 229 18.2%
1 BD:JACARANDA R 34 860 989 14.8% R 6 143 498 21.7%
3 BD:CHEEQWA R 16 065 893 11.2% R 13 848 585 21%
3 BD:WEST RAND R 23 235 496 12.8% R 5 979 050 47.4%
5 BD: EAST VAAL R 59 018 182 17.3% R 4 417 037 13.4%

This table will be updated on a monthly basis.

More Regional Managers Rankings


Gross inflows are measured for the period 1 January 2017 to 30 September 2017

Broker consultants and regional managers are ranked according to:

Absolute Investments Inflows 75% weighting
Relative Market share to SI 25% weighting

The Top 10 broker consultants according to SILSS inflows and the Top 15 broker consultants on the Glacier platform will be invited.
If a broker consultant qualifies on both platforms, he/she will be invited, as well as the next ranking broker consultant after the Top10/Top 15 cut-off. In other words, 25 broker consultants will be invited in total across both platforms. The Top 5 regional managers will be invited based on a combined ranking (50% weighted to SILSS and 50% to Glacier).

Only flows to the following funds will be measured:

SIM Enhanced Yield
SIM Active Income
SIM Low Equity
SIM Inflation Plus
SIM Balanced
SIM General Equity
SIM Value

SMM Conservative
SMM Cautious
SMM Moderate
SMM Moderate Aggressive
SMM Aggressive

SIM Managed Conservative
SIM Managed Cautious
SIM Managed Moderate
SIM Managed Moderate Aggressive
SIM Managed Aggressive

Sanlam Global Cautious FOF
Sanlam Global Balanced FOF
SIM Global Equity Income Feeder
Sanlam Global Equity
SIM Global Best Ideas Feeder Fund

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The Sanlam Group is a full member of the Association for Savings and Investment SA. Collective investment schemes are generally medium- to long-term investments. Please note that past performances are not necessarily an accurate determination of future performances, and that the value of investments / units / unit trusts may go down as well as up. A schedule of fees and charges and maximum commissions is available from the Manager, Sanlam Collective Investments (RF) Pty Ltd & Satrix Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd, a registered and approved Manager in Collective Investment Schemes in Securities. Additional information of the proposed investment, including brochures, application forms and annual or quarterly reports, can be obtained from the Manager, free of charge. Collective investments are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. Collective investments are calculated on a net asset value basis, which is the total market value of all assets in the portfolio including any income accruals and less any deductible expenses such as audit fees, brokerage and service fees. Actual investment performance of the portfolio and the investor will differ depending on the initial fees applicable, the actual investment date, and the date of reinvestment of income as well as dividend withholding tax. Forward pricing is used. The Manager does not provide any guarantee either with respect to the capital or the return of a portfolio. The performance of the portfolio depends on the underlying assets and variable market factors. Performance is based on NAV to NAV calculations with income reinvestments done on the ex-div date. Lump sum investment performances are quoted. The portfolio may invest in other unit trust portfolios which levy their own fees, and may result is a higher fee structure for our portfolio. All the portfolio options presented are approved collective investment schemes in terms of Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, No 45 of 2002 (“CISCA”). The fund may from time to time invest in foreign instruments which could be accompanied by additional risks as well as potential limitations on the availability of market information. The Manager has the right to close any portfolios to new investors to manage them more efficiently in accordance with their mandates.
The portfolio management of all the portfolios is outsourced to financial services providers authorized in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002. Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd is the appointed trustee of the Sanlam Collective Investments Scheme & Standard Chartered Bank is the appointed trustee of the Satrix Managers Scheme.

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