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Nautilus Awards Nautilus Awards

Nautilus Awards 2020

The Nautilus Awards recognise the efforts of the top broker consultants, sales consultants and business managers throughout South Africa.

Much like the Nautilus mollusk, a resilient “living fossil” species, Nautilus winners show consistent determination and focus in achieving their goals. The 2020 competition is in full swing and will be running from 1 January 2020 to 30 September 2020, culminating in a prestigious two-day event and awards ceremony in Cape Town in November. During the two-day period, Nautilus winners will get the opportunity to network with the executive team and enjoy a well-deserved break in the vibrant Cape.

2019 Gallery

Browse through the gallery to see more of the Nautilus 2019 winners' Cape Town experience.

About the Nautilus Awards

Find out more about the 2020 Nautilus Awards competition.


Gross inflows are measured for the period 1 January to 30 September 2020

Broker consultants, sales consultants and business managers are ranked according to:

Absolute Investments Inflows 75% weighting
Relative Market share to SI 25% weighting

The top 7 broker consultants and 3 sales consultants according to Sanlam Life Investments Platform inflows and the top 10 broker consultants and 3 sales consultants on the Glacier platform will be invited to attend the event in Cape Town. If a consultant qualifies on both platforms, he/she will be invited, as well as the next ranking consultant after the top cut-off. Only broker consultants employed by Sanlam are eligible, unfortunately independent contractors are not eligible.

The top 3 business managers from the broker channel and the top 4 from the adviser channel will be invited based on a combined ranking (50% weighted to Sanlam Life Investments Platform and 50% to Glacier). Business managers that have a hybrid channel will compete in the adviser channel category. Flows from contracted consultants will count towards business managers' flows and market share.

Only flows to the following funds will be measured:

Sanlam Income Optimiser
Sanlam Stable
Sanlam Balanced
Sanlam Wealth Builder
Sanlam Reg28 Property Equity

SIM Enhanced Yield
SIM Active Income
SIM Inflation Plus
SIM Medium Equity
SIM Balanced
SIM General Equity
SIM Top Choice

Amplify SCI* Strategic income
Amplify SCI* Wealth Protector
Amplify SCI* Defensive Balanced
Amplify SCI* Absolute
Amplify SCI* Flexible Equity
Sanlam Select Managed+
Amplify SCI* Equity

*Sanlam Collective Investments

+Fund will be renamed Amplify SCI Balanced Fund in April 2020

Satrix Stable
Satrix Dynamic Balanced
Satrix Low Equity Balanced Index
Satrix Balanced Index

SIM Managed Conservative
SIM Managed Cautious
SIM Managed Moderate
SIM Managed Moderate Aggressive
SIM Managed Aggressive

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