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Funds and Products

Find the right product to suit your needs

Sanlam Investments offers a comprehensive range of personal finance products. Our unit trusts allow you to invest both locally and internationally and no matter what your risk tolerance or investment goals are, we have a fund to suit your unique requirements. Remember, choosing a product that is right for you is no small task, which is why we suggest you consult a financial adviser before making big decisions that could impact your financial future.

Core Fund Range and Performance

Find the fund that best suits your investment objectives and start investing today. We offer a range of local and international unit trusts, catering to different risk and return needs.

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Unit Trusts

Our unit trusts provide easy access to a wide range of markets and tax-free options. Once you’ve determined your investment term and risk profile, choose the fund that works for you.

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Tax-free Investments

Our tax-free unit trusts allow you to save for a medium- to long-term goal, without having to pay tax on dividends, interest and capital gains.

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Hedge Funds

Hedge funds aim to deliver absolute returns regardless of what happens in the market. They use derivatives and apply investment strategies to achieve uncorrelated returns and to unlock diversification opportunities.

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Fund Factsheets

Our Fund Factsheets/Minimum Disclosure documents (MDDs) provide all the information you need to evaluate the different investment opportunities, to make an informed decision.

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