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Sanlam Investments

Our Solutions

We are one of the largest multi-specialist investment houses in South Africa

Drawing on extensive research and innovative team collaboration, we are able to blend different strategies together to create solutions aimed at achieving a specific set of outcomes. Each solution is carefully constructed and well diversified to achieve the best returns with the least risk.

Professionals structure their portfolios to ensure the greatest probability of success under the greatest breadth of scenarios. To do this, we have to understand how various assets will interact differently from their historic relationships, why price formation differs under different environments and how much risk we are prepared to accept to achieve our goals.

Pre-packaged Solutions​​

Browse our range of pre-packaged solutions, designed to span the entire risk-reward, multi-asset spectrum – from conservative to aggressive.

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Customised Solutions

Trust our investment specialists to navigate the world of investment complexity, and create customised portfolios to suit your exact needs.

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