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Sanlam FOUR

Sanlam FOUR operates as a boutique investment manager and is the International Centre of Excellence for investment management for the Sanlam Group (a diversified financial services company with a US$9.3bn1 market cap that has a AA- Fitch rating).2

The investment teams consist of experienced fund managers (with an average of 21 years’ experience) who operate autonomous and disciplined investment approaches that have been tried and tested over several market cycles.

Our distinctive corporate structure means that our fund managers have direct ownership in their individual business - this ensures their interests are directly aligned with those of our clients. The company supports them by providing operational excellence and client service that strives to stand out against peers so that they can be completely focused on achieving their investment objectives.

¹ as at September 2015
² as at end of February 2015

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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