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Retirement Retirement

The information on the Adviser and Institutional areas of this site have been tailored for investment professionals. Appropriate product, fund and service information for private investors can be accessed on the Personal area of our site. Terms & conditions.

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Starting with a plan to save early and staying committed is the key to a comfortable retirement.

We all have different dreams of what we would love to do and how we would want to spend our time once we are retired. By investing a lump sum or some of your income each month, you can grow your money over time to help ensure that you can enjoy your retirement. Over the long term, every little bit helps. Sanlam Investments offers two retirement plans that provide you with a tax-efficient way to save for your retirement.



SATRIX Retirement PlanSATRIX Retirement Plan<h3>Minimum contribution</h3> R500 per month or <br> R10 000 lump sum​<h3>Investment period</h3><p>Until at least age 55</p> <h3>Fund ch​oice</h3><p>A choice of two passively managed unit trust funds</p><ul><li>Flexibility to switch between funds for free</li><li>​We manage the underlying investments on your behalf</li></ul>​/personal/saveforretirement/Pages/satrix-retirement-annuity.aspx
Sanlam Investment Management Retirement PlanSanlam Investment Management Retirement Plan<h3>​​​Minimum contribution</h3> R500 per month or​<br> R10 000 lump sum​<h3>Investment period</h3><p>Until at least age 55</p><h3>Fund choice</h3><p>A choice of three actively managed unit trust funds​</p><ul><li>Flexibility to switch between funds options for free</li><li>We manage the underlying investments on your behalf</li></ul>​/personal/saveforretirement/Pages/sanlam-investment-management-retirement-annuity.aspx
Sanlam Cumulus Echo Retirement PlanSanlam Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan<p>Minimum payment</p><h3>From R300 per​ month or<br>R25 000 one-off</h3><p>Investment period</p><h3>Until at least age 55</h3>​<p> <b>Features and Benefits:​</b></p><ul><li>Great value for the committed saver looking for choice</li><li>Unique Echo Bonus: the longer and more you save, the higher your bonus</li></ul>​​

Your retirement portfolio has to live as long as you do. Find out how.

Email us and we will assist you with your investment queries.

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