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Sanlam Investments
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Corporate Governance

As part of the Sanlam Group, we have access to large-scale capital that enables us to partake in investment transactions of a size that sets us apart from other companies in South Africa. We are signatories the United Nations-backed Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI) and have adopted the Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (CRISA). To ensure our interests are transparently aligned with the interests of our investors, we put our capital to work alongside our clients’ in our investment portfolios.


The Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (CRISA) provides institutional investors with guidance on how they can promote sound governance.

Its principles are aligned with the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI).

UN PRI Transparency Report, 2020

CRISA Statement


Responsible Investing Policy

Download our Responsible Investment Policies and Procedures Document.

If you would like more information, please contact Marichen Basson at

Sustainable Investment Policy

Sanlam Investment Proxy Voting Guideline

Conflict of Interest Policy

Robeco Proxy Voting Policy

Annual Responsible Investment Report

Read more about how we apply responsible investing principles in the way we do business.

2021 Report

2020 Report

2019 Report

2018 Report

2017 Report

2016 Report

2015 Report

2014 Report

2013 Report

2012 Report

Our Empowerment Journey

Our commitment to transformation and empowerment.

Early Empowerment Pioneers

Sanlam has a proud history of pioneering empowerment transactions, going back as far as 1993.

New Africa Investments Limited (NAIL)
Sanlam pioneered South Africa’s first black economic empowerment deal with Methold. Methold later became New Africa Investment Limited (NAIL), the first major black-controlled company to list on the JSE.
Real Africa Asset Management (RAAM)
1. Sanlam and Real Africa Investments Limited (RAIL) formed Real Africa Asset Management (RAAM), which then launched an Empowerment Equity Fund – the first unit trust for ‘black chip’ investments.
2. Sanlam started the R2bn Sanlam Development Fund, which has capitalised over 100 BEE deals.
Demutualisation and listing
Demutualisation – 2 million policyholders became shareholders. Sanlam Private Equity also pioneered BEE financing in South Africa by providing start-up capital of R100 million for a major black-controlled company to list on the JSE.
Vukile Property Fund
BEE shareholding in large cap property fund – Vukile Property Fund.
UB empowerment transaction
First major financial institution in South Africa to conclude an empowerment transaction (Ubuntu-Botho created R15bn for broad-based black shareholders after 10 years – since renewed).
First BEE charter
Sanlam was one of the first companies to commit to the development of a BEE charter for the financial sector.
African Rainbow Capital (ARC)
African Rainbow Capital created as premier black-owned financial services company.
Progressive Smooth Bonus Fund
First black-managed smoothed bonus product – Progressive Smooth Bonus Fund.
New B-BBEE transaction
New B-BBEE transaction and issuance of a further 5% of share capital to empowerment shareholders, focusing on black women and young people.
Black ownership increases to 18%
B-BBEE transaction increased direct black ownership from 13% to 18%.
New ARC transaction
Our transaction with African Rainbow Capital Financial Services (ARC FS) makes Sanlam one of the largest black-empowered asset management companies in South Africa. We are a level three contributor.

Our Partnership With African Rainbow Capital

Africa Rainbow Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ubuntu-Botho Investments Limited, which bought a 25% share in Sanlam Investments, Sanlam’s asset management business.

It was essential for us to transform in line with the needs and preferences of our clients by creating a leading black-owned asset management business. Together we aim to achieve a positive and long-term social and economic impact that benefits shareholders. This includes Ubuntu-Botho Investments shareholders, which is made up of historically disadvantaged groups, including black women, black youth and disadvantaged communities.

Financial inclusivity and community upliftment are the fundamental principles that underpin the activities of the Ubuntu-Botho Investments group. Profits generated and dividends declared have channelled significant financial flows to development trusts with various community groups as beneficiaries.

Watch a video about the Ubuntu-Botho and Sanlam partnership – a partnership for good:

Watch the video

The Sanlam Foundation

The Sanlam Foundation aims to help all South Africans improve their financial wellbeing, live better lives and secure the future for the next generation by taking care of the environment. Together, we’re building a society of Wealthsmiths™.

Read more

Our Commitments to Transformation

At Sanlam Investments, we adopt the transformation principles and practices that govern the entire Sanlam Investment Group. Our main transformation focus areas include:

  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
    • We not only embrace and respect difference, we celebrate it.
    • We want to attract, develop and retain employees from different backgrounds by promoting a culture of inclusion, where all individuals are engaged, able to perform, able to access opportunities, and thrive.
    • In line with one of our core values, Embracing Diversity and Change, we leverage diversity and inclusion to drive sustainable business results, and competitive advantage.
  • Partnering with and empowering black businesses
    • Sanlam has a long history of empowerment and BEE transactions that go back to 1993, when we sold Metropolitan to New African Investments Ltd (Nail), the first black BEE company in SA.
    • We believe in creating true equity transfer to black balance sheets, through empowering sustainable and profitable businesses.
  • Broad-based black economic empowerment
    • Ubuntu-Botho Investments has been Sanlam's empowerment partner since 2004. It currently holds 14% of Sanlam's issued shares, making this a significant B-BBEE transaction in the financial services sector.
    • Our percentage of black ownership is 31.33%, of which 14% is represented by the Ubuntu-Botho broad-based black economic empowerment consortium.
    • Sanlam Investments has a 110% B-BBEE procurement recognition level and is a Level Three Contributor.

At Sanlam Investments, our purpose is to nurture and grow our clients’ wealth while making a meaningful contribution to transforming, growing and developing our economy

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At Sanlam Investments we believe in an African Proverb that says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

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Morningstar Award

SALTA Awards

SALTA Awards

SALTA Awards

Raging Bull

Sanlam Investment Management Enhanced Yield Fund
Sanlam Multi Managed Conservative Fund of Funds
Sanlam Global Property Fund

City of London Wealth Management Awards

Sanlam Global High Quality Fund

Thomson Lipper Awards

Sanlam Global High Quality Fund: Long Only Equity Fund – Long Term Performance

Private Asset Managers Awards

Net Worth Proposition: High Growth Portfolio Performance Award

Financial Express Awards

Sanlam Strategic Bond Fund: Best Fund, Strategic Bond Fund

Investment Week
Fund Manager of the Year

(Category: Strategic Bond, Fund: Sanlam Strategic Bond Fund), Craig Veysey

Investment Week
Fund Manager of the Year

(Category: Absolute Return-Multi Asset, Fund: Sanlam FOUR Multi-Strategy Fund), Mike Pinggera

Raging Bull

SIM Enhanced Yield Fund
Sanlam Global Property Fund

Raging Bull

Sanlam Investment Management Enhanced Yield Fund
Sanlam Investment Management Small Cap Fund
Sanlam International Investment Partners India Opportunities Fund

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Sanlam Investment Management Small Cap Fund
Sanlam Investment Management Industrial Fund
Sanlam Global Balanced Fund of Funds
Sanlam Global Cautious Fund of Funds
Sanlam Global Bond Fund

ABSIP Financial Services Sector Awards

Multi Asset Fund Manager of the Year, Natasha Narsingh

Best African FinTech Company 2016 SatrixNow & EasyEquities

African Fintech Awards

Imbasa Yegolide Award

Equities’ Manager of the Year

Raging Bull

Sanlam Investment Management
Enhanced Yield Fund

Loerie Award

Top Brand 2015

Intellidex Top Private Banks and Wealth Manager Survey

Top Wealth Manager in SA

Raging Bull Award Certificate

Sanlam Investment Management Industrial Fund

HedgeNews Africa Awards

Blue Ink Fixed Income Arbitrage Fund

Lipper Award (UK) 2013

Sanlam Global Financial Fund (USD)

Investment Week
Fund Manager of the Year

(Category: Financials), Kokkie Kooyman

Raging Bull Award

Sanlam Investment Management Global Best Ideas
Feeder Fund

Morning Star Award

Sanlam Investment Management Global Financial Fund

Investment Week
Fund Manager of the Year

(Category: Financials), Kokkie Kooyman

Investment Week
Fund Manager of the Year

(Category: Financials), Kokkie Kooyman

Investment Week
Fund Manager of the Year

(Category: Financials), Kokkie Kooyman

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