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Sanlam Capital Markets Sanlam Capital Markets

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About Us

Sanlam Capital Markets Proprietary Limited (“SCM”) was formed in 2003 following the restructure by Sanlam Limited (“Sanlam”) of Gensec Bank Limited and Genbel Securities Limited.

Whilst the banking licence was returned to the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) during the restructuring, the extensive financial engineering capabilities throughout the business have largely been retained in SCM.

In early 2018, the recent renaming of the overall Sanlam Investments cluster to Sanlam Investments Group resulted in the formation of Sanlam Specialised Finance which is the amalgamation of SCM, Sanlam Structured Solutions and Sanlam Portfolio Management.


Sanlam Specialised Finance is housed within the Sanlam Investments Group cluster. We work closely with the Balance Sheet Management function of Sanlam to ensure the optimisation of Sanlam’s balance sheet and promote centralised risk management within the Sanlam Group. We specialise in providing debt and equity financial solutions to clients locally and in the rest of Africa.

At Sanlam Specialised Finance, we believe that credit is an asset class that is best managed holistically to extract the significant diversification benefits available.

The Sanlam Capital Markets division of Sanlam Specialised Finance is headed by Robert McJannet, and specialises in debt origination, debt structuring and credit portfolio management. Sanlam Capital Markets is an on-balance sheet business that originates and participates in credit investments and solutions within a controlled credit and market risk environment using the governance structures of Sanlam Specialised Finance across the following business units:

Debt SA is the central point responsible for the origination and structuring of lending products to SA based borrowers, utilising instruments such as loans, bonds, preference shares, securitisations, credit derivatives and other hybrid debt instruments. Clients include corporates, parastatals, and government.

The minimum lending amount is R75m with maturity terms generally varying between 1-5 years, although more than 5 years can be considered where appropriate. A variety of repayment profiles can be agreed.

Debt SA provides debt advisory services and financial engineering capabilities to the Sanlam Group and to the market, on a selective basis.

For more information, contact:
Wayne Viljoen
Tel: +27 11 778 6016

Debt Africa has appetite to invest in the rest of Africa excluding SA, in instruments such as loans, bonds, and other hybrid debt issued by entities such as corporates, parastatals, governments, and project finance companies.

Debt Africa originates and structures these investments on behalf of the Sanlam Investment Group cluster and focuses on private placements/unlisted debt as well as listed instruments. Lending appetite is normally between $5m and $20m per transaction.

Debt Africa provides debt advisory services and financial engineering capabilities to the Sanlam Group and to the market, on a selective basis. Debt Africa follows the Sanlam Group into the African Continent and currently operates in eighteen approved countries, namely Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kennya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mauritius.

For more information, contact:
Odette Balkisson
Tel: +27 11 778 6032

Infrastructure and Project Finance originates and executes transactions in the power, utilities and infrastructure space and focuses on the following:

  • Providing finance on a limited recourse basis for the development of capital intensive infrastructure projects where the borrower tends to be a special purpose vehicle and funders rely on internally generated project cash flows for repayment.
  • Participates in opportunities across the capital structure in both senior and mezzanine exposures. In addition to providing senior debt to projects, the stable, long-term nature of cash flows affords funders the ability to secure yield uplift, with relatively low additional risk, through participation in facilities that take subordinated positions in the cash flow waterfall.
  • Participate in funding the equity investment of, for example, BEE shareholders, where reliance is placed on the dividends the investment generates and taking the underlying shares in the project company as security.
  • The long-term nature of infrastructure finance, together with limited balance sheet capacity from commercial banks for long dated assets, provides us with a competitive advantage to provide long-term funding solutions for infrastructure developers.

For more information, contact:
Mark Moorhouse
Tel: +27 11 778 6317

Property Finance provides property finance to commercial, retail and industrial real estate markets in terms of both new development finance and finance for existing property assets, predominantly in the South African Real Estate market. We are mandated to act as a financial partner in all facets of property related transactions by offering the following:

  • Discounting of the cash flows from a lease attached to a property
  • The purchase of commercial property assets
  • The re-financing of debt attributable to commercial property assets
  • The development of new properties underpinned by strong lease cash flows
  • The development or refinancing of properties held for rental
  • The financing of listed property loan stock companies
  • The financing of non-listed property companies that have a diversified underlying portfolio

The minimum loan size is R100m, terms vary between 3-12 years with a variety of repayment profiles that can be agreed upon.

For more information, contact:
Michele Bekkens
Tel: +27 11 778 6837

Empowerment Finance: There is a significant need for financing of empowerment companies to help transform the capital and ownership landscape in our country. Transformation is a business imperative for Sanlam and SCM has structured part of its business to focus primarily on empowerment financing activities in the listed and private sectors.

Finance will be provided to empowerment companies across the capital structure (with the exception of private equity) in a sustainable manner for both the client and Sanlam and which is subject to the approval of relevant committees within SCM.

Our funding solutions include Structured Equity providing hedged solutions to empowered companies and evaluated primarily from a market risk perspective whilst innovative debt solutions offered will be proposed and evaluated on well-established credit principles of the Debt SA unit of SCM.

Our key focus areas and strengths include:

  • finance to mid-market transactions which are typically smaller in size than what traditional banks require
  • offering structuring of hybrid solutions and non-vanilla loans
  • ability to manage scrip risk
  • access to Sanlam’s balance sheet
  • access to scrip borrowing facilities
  • competitive pricing
  • innovative and sustainable structuring and solutions
  • ability to share risks with our clients
  • ability to accept unlisted security and structural risk in transactions
  • Swift turnaround times
  • Legacy relationships with empowered corporates, advisory firms and strategic partners/ alliances to facilitate and execute opportunities for mutual benefit

For more information, contact:
Mpho Sago
Tel: +27 11 778 6071

Equity Backed Finance’s main objective is to provide equity-linked finance and structuring skills to South African corporates, Hedge Funds and Ultra High Net-Worth individuals. We primarily focus on structuring and financing activities with equity instruments as underlying collateral.

These activities are supported by:

  • Execution of JSE listed instruments (shares, ETFs / ETNs and futures) through Sanlam Private Wealth
  • Collateralised lending using liquid listed shares as collateral
  • Synthetic products, including futures, CFDs and swaps
  • Scrip lending

For more information, contact:
Gerhard Erasmus
Tel: +27 11 778 6109

Treasury focusses on liability management. Its main objective is to ensure that liquidity is made available to the businesses within Sanlam Capital Markets at all times and that any associated risks are mitigated, managed and monitored at all times.

Funding is sourced via the SCM CP Programme to money market type investors and is guaranteed by Sanlam. Other financing mechanisms include ZAR and USD bank committed and uncommitted facilities, capital market repurchase agreements and collateral management.

In 2009, the Sanlam Group Treasury was created as a division of SCM and serves to facilitate funding and provide risk mitigation products to all Group companies when required.

For more information, contact:
Marc Menelaou
Tel: +27 11 778 6862

Sanlam Structured Solutions (“SSS”) maintains a specialist role across the Sanlam Investments Group and Sanlam Group and focusses on the structuring and asset liability management business of Sanlam Investments Group. The main focus of Sanlam Structured Solutions is to research, analyse, implement and administer various derivative and other investment structures to enhance returns, provide protection and/or invest to meet obligations (asset liability management).

For more information, contact:
Steven Rosenberg
Tel: +27 21 950 2107

Sanlam Portfolio Management is headed by Gerhard Cruywagen.

Sanlam Portfolio Management is responsible for the assets on Sanlam’s balance-sheet that are actively managed against set benchmarks. These include smooth-bonus portfolios, that carry an implicit guarantee from Sanlam, as well as market-linked portfolios. Mandates are set against a range of benchmarks consisting of listed and unlisted South African and international assets classes.

The Sanlam Portfolio Management team aims to add value relative to the set benchmark, by using tactical asset allocation and by selecting suitable underlying investments. Additional value is added by sub-delegating specialised portfolio management functions to both Sanlam Group and external managers.

For more information, contact:
Brenda du Preez
Tel: +27 21 950 2641

A holistic view is taken to manage corporate credit within Sanlam Specialised Finance using the principles set out in the appropriate frameworks of Basel and Solvency Assessment and Management of Capital (SAM), Economic Capital, Risk-Adjusted Returns and Return on Group Equity Value (“ROGEV”).

The Sanlam Specialised Finance governance structure includes (other than those mentioned above) Legal and Compliance, Quantitative and Market Risk Analysis, and Operational Risk. The Sanlam Specialised Finance Board has the overall governance responsibility for the CCM (in addition to having governance responsibility for SCM) in terms of an investment mandate concluded with Sanlam Life.

For more information, contact:
Haydn Franckeiss
Tel: +27 21 950 2500

Executive Committee

  • CEO - Mark Murning
  • Chief Financial Officer - Tony Gouveia
  • Human Resources - Nosipho Kafa
  • Finance & Operations - Bheki Xulu
  • Chief Risk Officer - Nelis Bezuidenhout
  • Chief Operating Officer - Haydn Franckeiss
  • CEO: Sanlam Capital Markets - Rob McJannet
  • CEO: Sanlam Structured Solutions - Steven Rosenberg
  • CIO: Sanlam Portfolio Management - Gerhard Cruywagen


Black Economic Empowerment

SCM has a strong commitment to transformation and broad-based black economic empowerment (BEE) which is in line with the requirements of the Financial Sector Charter (FSC) published in terms of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act 2003, SCM’s approach to BEE is multi-pronged and founded on the following pillars:

Ownership and Control

SCM is indirectly a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanlam Limited, a listed entity which provides through its subsidiaries insurance and financing predominantly to the corporate sector. During 2004, Sanlam announced a significant empowerment transaction with Ubuntu-Botho Investments Limited. For Sanlam and SCM, this transaction represents a firm commitment to meaningful transformation. It represents the opportunity to grow its business to broader foundations, to service new and growing markets and to harness the full economic power of South Africa’s diverse society. Furthermore, it enables both Sanlam and SCM to attract, develop and retain the talent in the industry and positions them as a leading empowered financial services group in South Africa.

Management Strategy

SCM’s vision is to be an indispensable high performance financing business. To achieve this vision, SCM’s key business drivers are:

  • High quality financing expertise;
  • An ethical and respectful company culture;
  • A company with open communication;
  • Concentrating on businesses providing high risk adjusted returns; and
  • Contributing significantly to Sanlam as a whole.


The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA), 2 of 2000 gives you the right to access information that you might require for the exercise or protection of any rights. Once you've met certain requirements, you'll be granted access to the information you require. The Act also requires private bodies (e.g. Sanlam) to compile a manual which will assist people who want to exercise their right to access to information.

Should you want to exercise your right of access to information, you can download the Manual below, as well as the prescribed form and fees you need to pay.

Sanlam Capital Markets Manual Download PDF
Sanlam Capital Market Form to be completed Download PDF

Contact Us

Physical address:
Building 2
11 Alice Lane
South Africa

Postal address :
P O Box 411420
South Africa

Telephone: +27(11)778 6000

Marketing and Communications:
Michelle Marais
Tel: +27 (11) 778 6260

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