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Protection Focussed Solutions Protection Focussed Solutions

The information on the Adviser and Institutional areas of this site have been tailored for investment professionals. Appropriate product, fund and service information for private investors can be accessed on the Personal area of our site. Terms & conditions.

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Protection-focused Solutions

Structured investments and retirement fund solutions for a comfortable retirement.

Our guaranteed investments provide retirement fund members with smoothed, real returns and capital protection to protect and grow retirement savings. The portfolios offer full or partial guarantees on benefit payments for death, disability, resignation, retrenchment and retirement. Bespoke asset liability matching or liability- driven investment solutions cater for both pre- and post-retirement liabilities. Our annuities provide guaranteed, regular income for life.



Smoothed Bonus Portfolios Bonus PortfoliosGet capital protection with a smoothed bonus portfolio that offers you protection for your investments from short-term volatility. Enquire online or call Sanlam on 021 950 2500.Protect your investments from short-term downturns and volatility through monthly bonuses that are designed to provide a smoothed return., Smooth Bonus Portfolios
Annuities retirement annuities give investors peace of mind that they’ll receive a guaranteed income for the rest of their lives. Enquire online or call Sanlam on 021 950 2500.Receive a regular income throughout retirement for peace of mind. You can choose to increase your income by a level percentage, or an increase linked to either inflation or an underlying investment portfolio’s growth. Solutions_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Annuities preview
Asset-Liability Matching Solutions Matching SolutionsWe provide sound liability-driven investment strategies and support to at an affordable rate, giving you access to a life insurance license, investment teams, derivative experts & pension fund experts.Match liabilities by investing in assets that move in line with the liabilities, taking into account future required increases. The full range of liability-driven investment strategies caters for each client’s specific risk-return objectives, making use of different enhancing strategies for outperformance., /SIBannerImages/International_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5
Lifestage Solution SolutionOur Lifestage Solution offers you an automatic switch into risk-return appropriate portfolios based on your life stage. Enquire online or call Sanlam on 021 950 2500.Grow your retirement savings by investing in a solution that automatically switches you into appropriate risk-return portfolios throughout your life., /SIBannerImages/Dynamically Hedged_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5
Post-Retirement Medical Aid (PRMA) Solutions Medical Aid (PRMA) SolutionsSanlam provides customised post-retirement medical aid solutions for companies via our skilled Employee Benefits Investments team. Enquire online or call Sanlam on 021 950 2500.This is a comprehensive solution, which could entail removing the liability from the balanced sheet, or setting up a plan asset or various funding solutions funded via an asset liability matching strategy., Post-Retirement Medical Aid Solutions preview

We can provide the protection you’re looking for.

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