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Foreign Denominated Foreign-Denominated

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Access global markets in a foreign currency by investing directly offshore.

You can invest in various jurisdictions when you use your offshore allowance to access our wide range of FSB-approved foreign institutional investment opportunities. Institutional investors registered for an offshore allowance at the South African Reserve Bank can invest up to 35% of total retail assets under management in offshore funds or share markets. You can also invest an additional 5% of total retail assets by investing in foreign-denominated portfolio assets in Africa.



Cash short-term in international money markets. Sanlam Investments gives you control over your wealth so you can reach investment goals.Get exposure to international markets and still have peace of mind by investing primarily in money market securities., Cash preview
Bonds foreign-denominated bond portfolio gives investors access to international markets to get the best results from fixed-interest investments, including corporate, government & inflation-linked bonds.Get an income with the possibility of long-term capital growth from international bond markets., Bonds preview
Equity Index Tracking Index TrackingAccess international equity markets with low cost investments through Sanlam’s foreign-denominated index tracking funds. Generate returns based on global indices and benchmarks.Achieve returns that are in line with that of global indices and benchmarks through easy and affordable investing in a Sanlam index tracking fund., Equity Index Tracking preview
Global Equity EquityAccess foreign-denominated global equity markets today. As private equity specialists, Sanlam Investments offers unparalleled management and support to investors.Grow your money by accessing opportunities in global equity markets across different countries and sectors., Global Equity preview
Global Listed Property Listed PropertyDiversify with a foreign-denominated investment in international listed property. Sanlam provides simple, affordable access to global real estate investments.Global property enhances your income while reducing overall risk. It also provides a good hedge against inflation over the long term., Global Listed Property preview
Sanlam Managed Risk Managed RiskOur three-tier institutional investment strategy helps investors reach financial goals by managing volatility, adjusting allocation of funds, and giving you control over your investment.Sanlam Managed Risk (SMR) is a long-term investment strategy designed to reduce volatility and the impact of significant and sustained market declines. It also allows dynamic participation in rising markets., Smooth Beta preview

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