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​​​​​​​​​​Killarney Offices

The office space was designed to accommodate future technologies, allowing for maximum flexibility between open-plan and cellular offices.

Additional Info

Neatly placed on a triangular stand adjacent to the M1 Freeway, the Killarney building sits at the base of the Wilds Indigenous Valley Reserve. Though visible from the freeway, noise does not infiltrate the building, because the area was originally designated for a residential development. Pedestrian traffic to the east of the building is undisturbed by Houghton Drive, and the rest of the localised area is surrounded by hotels and densely populated by landmarks, including the Johannesburg Zoo, The Houghton Golf Club, Killarney Mall and the Killarney Country Club.

The office block itself is a state-of-the-art wonder, incorporating both human needs and energy conservation.

It’s a three-storey building, complete with two basement levels. Three lifts provide access to the common areas.

Gross Rental Structure

Building address Killarney, 7 – 11 Newtown Road, Killarney, Johannesburg
Available m² 1 798 m²
556 m²
1 230 m²
434 m²
795 m²
133 m²

709 m²
Total 5 656 m²
Municipal charge Pro-rata per municipal bill/metered
Parking rate: basement R650/bay
Parking rate: shade net R450/bay
Parking rate: open bay Not available
Parking ratio Negotiable
Minimum pockets rentable 500 m2
Rent-free period for relocation Negotiable
Terms of lease 3 years (minimum)
Area < 1 000 m²
1 001 m² – 2 000 m²
> 2 001 m²
Gross Rental/m2 R105
TI Allowance 100%

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