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​​​​​​Research Reveals Four-step Recipe for a Happy Retirement

Patrick Sheehy, 6 August 2018

In-depth face-to-face interviews with 82 retired South Africans in their 60s, 70s and 80s painted an upbeat picture of the proverbial golden years. Surfing, travelling, working for charities, studying and teaching: retirees today are all about living their best life.

Glacier by Sanlam commissioned the ‘Through the Years’ report to better understand what makes a healthy and fulfilling retirement. The chosen sample of respondents retired with a relatively comfortable monthly income – to showcase just how this can contribute to a full and healthy life after retiring – and how financial planning had contributed to this outcome.

“We were delighted to learn that retirees today are more likely to be climbing rocks than rocking in a chair. From a 65-year-old real estate agent-cum-jazz musician to a 70-year-old surfer and beyond, the research sample was happy and contented.”

The research revealed striking similarities in the retirees’ ‘recipe for a happy retirement’. “The one big theme that came through was planning. Planning financially (and saving for retirement as early as possible) and planning to ensure good medical treatment. But interestingly, they all recommend planning for the ‘fun’ side of life too. Having a plan for how you are going to fill your days, weeks and years to get the most of this special time.”

Click here to find their recipe for a happy retirement.

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