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Lifestage Solution

Grow your retirement savings by investing in a solution that automatically switches you into risk-return appropriate portfolios based on your lifestage.

The Sanlam Lifestage Solution invests in an aggressive balanced portfolio before retirement to give your investments the greatest opportunity to grow and compound over time. Closer to retirement, the solution will switch you into investment portfolios that are aligned to the annuity type you wish to purchase at retirement. Four annuity types are catered for: investment-linked annuities, inflation-linked annuities, guaranteed escalating annuities and with-profit annuities.

Lifestage Solution

Suitable for investors who

  • Do not want to engage frequently with their retirement savings.
  • Want to implement an investment default that will cater to a variety of members as they progress to retirement.

What the fund aims to achieve and how

This solution aims to place members in portfolios which are appropriate for their lifestage to optimise their retirement savings, without a member needing to engage frequently with the service provider. This is achieved through an investment in an aggressive balanced portfolio initially, switching to more conservative portfolios which are aligned to the member’s annuity selection just before retirement.

More information

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