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The information on the Adviser and Institutional areas of this site have been tailored for investment professionals. Appropriate product, fund and service information for private investors can be accessed on the Personal area of our site. Terms & conditions.

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Capital Management

Engineer your capital requirements with our investment expertise.

At Sanlam Capital Markets, we know that your business is unique and so are its capital requirements. We therefore enable you to harness the expertise, advice, scale and access to finance of the Sanlam Group to originate and optimise your business debt, private equity and equity finance, commercial property and special purpose investment needs.

Because our team of experts take care of the treasury function for the entire Sanlam Group, they have unique insights, substantial financial engineering experience and access to attractive pricing to help you improve your business capital structure and cash flow.

Equity-based Finance Products and Services

The equities division of Sanlam Capital Markets (SCM) originates and structures equity-backed finance transactions. If your business could benefit from raising finance using your share capital as collateral, we can step in and can help you originate or find a deal, structure the deal to meet your needs for equity-backed finance and implement this. To support this equity finance proposition, we provide companies with peace of mind about the uncertainty of issuing new shares because we underwrite new share issues. If your company needs to issue more shares to raise finance, we can guarantee that we will sell the newly issued shares at a certain price. If we don’t manage to do so, we will buy the shares at the agreed price.

We also have a complementary institutional investment business that provides a service to the Sanlam Group, hedge funds and institutions. Through this business, we create and trade more sophisticated derivative products like Single Stock Futures (SSFs) and Contracts for difference (CFDs).


We source and structure great deals when it comes to debt financing because we offer you the benefits of our experience working within and across the Sanlam Group. The debt division assists companies in a number of ways:

  1. Originating and structuring debt products
  2. Matchmaking companies that need finance with the different Sanlam Group Companies that can make capital available or provide various types and levels of finance
  3. Structuring the cost of the finance and the terms of repayment based on company specific risks
  4. Combining debt into special purpose debt conduits in which Sanlam portfolios can invest


Need to finance or refinance commercial, industrial or retail property? We can help you access assets or capital via a new or restructured commercial property lease.

Private equity

Is your business unlisted, possibly owner-operated and looking to grow? Our investment approach is based on partnering with management and fellow shareholders in a selected number of good tier businesses that either:

  • have a history of strong cash flow generation and a credible and stable management team, or
  • have a unique business model or product offering that requires further funding to achieve exponential growth

We also give investors access to transactions whereby shares in listed companies are purchased with the intention of delisting that company in future. We don’t actively sell any product or service to the market. Instead, we use a portion of Sanlam’s capital and a portion of the capital from Sanlam portfolios allocated to private equity for unlisted investments with superior return potential. We use various investment instruments such as equity capital, mezzanine debt (a quasi-equity instrument) and senior and junior debt instruments across a wide risk and return spectrum.

For all your debt and equity financial engineering requirements,

contact us and we will assist you.

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