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Foreign Denominated Foreign Denominated

Sanlam Investments
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Foreign-Denominated International Investments

Access global markets in foreign currency by using your individual offshore allowance.

When you use your offshore allowance to access a wide range of international opportunities, you can invest in various jurisdictions. South Africans can invest up to R11 million each year offshore, but you need tax clearance from SARS when your offshore personal investments for the year start to exceed R1 million.

Personal Investors


Get an income with the possibility of long-term capital growth from our wide range of international bond markets.

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Global Equity

Our international equity funds focus on growing your capital, using different strategies to achieve positive real returns over the long term.

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Global Listed Property

Global property provides diversification away from stocks and bonds, and enhances your income while reducing overall risk.

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Index Tracking

Our range of international index tracking funds provides an easy and affordable way to achieve returns in line with that of global benchmarks.

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Regional/Specialist Equity

Enhance your potential returns and maximise your growth by investing in specific regions that offer attractive growth potential.

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