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Hedge Funds Hedge Funds

Sanlam Investments

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds aim to deliver absolute returns regardless of what happens in the market.

They use derivatives and apply investment strategies like leveraging and short selling to achieve uncorrelated returns and to unlock diversification opportunities. Hedge funds can be valuable as part of a well-balanced investment strategy.

South African hedge funds are regulated in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act (CISCA), with a distinction being made between Retail Investor Hedge Funds (RHFs) and Qualified Investor Hedge Funds (QIHFs).

Sanlam Collective Investments administers a range of both RHFs and QIHFs across the risk spectrum on behalf of the Sanlam Group and selected co-branded partners. Within these, we offer a range of single and multi-managed options, offering access to both niche and established managers.

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Retail Investor Hedge Funds (RHFs)

RHFs are aimed at investors who meet the investment minimum of R50 000. These funds are priced daily and investors can withdraw their funds within a month. The regulations around these funds are also more prescriptive than those applying to QIHFs.

Qualified Investor Hedge Funds (QIHFs)

QIHFs are aimed at experienced or institutional investors who have R1 million or more to invest. These funds are priced monthly and one calendar month notice is required prior to withdrawal. Fund managers can exercise greater freedom in managing these funds than in the case of RHFs.

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