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Employee Value Proposition Employee Value Proposition

Your Sanlam Investments Employee Experience

Welcome to your Sanlam Investments Employee Value Proposition. It’s about what our business promises to you as an employee of Sanlam Investments and what you promise the business in return. It is up to each and every one of us to make sure we continuously do our best to improve the lives of each other and all our stakeholders.


Distinctively Stakeholder Centric

We promise to stay true to our purpose as a business and to always remind ourselves and you of why we are here and what we are fundamentally about as a business: to be WEALTHSMITHS who improve the lives of all our stakeholders and most especially OUR CLIENTS who are the lifeblood of our business.

  • Reputation is defined as the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something;
  • Our Brand is our promise to our stakeholders and living up to our promise, builds our reputation;
  • Our purpose is to improve the lives of all our stakeholders through the solutions and services we offer.
Do you do what you say you will commit to, keep your promises and make the most of your reputation at Sanlam Investments?

Great by Choice

We promise that we will do our utmost to INSPIRE you and your fellow Wealthsmiths to REACH HEIGHTS that have never been reached before.

  • With the guidance of strong leadership, we have been committed to achieving the very best results for our stakeholders consistently and diligently for nearly 100 years;
  • We remain committed to growing and nurturing leaders at all levels within Sanlam Investments to continue our legacy into the future.
Do you lead by example?

Springboard to
the Future

We promise to actively facilitate the connecting and building of RELATIONSHIPS across the incredible depth and breadth of talent at Sanlam Investments which will deepen your sense of BELONGING to a community of Wealthsmiths who make a difference to the lives of people around the world.

  • The work that we do, and being able to deliver the best value to all our stakeholders requires strong relationships, networks and collaboration;
  • At Sanlam Investments we offer a variety of opportunities to connect to your colleagues and clients through community involvement, clubs, committees, forums, training and various events.
How connected are you and how have you helped others to be more connected?

We care more

We are, and will always be, Wealthsmiths who CARE more. We see you as a whole person, with value far beyond the job you do.

How do you show you care for others within and connected to Sanlam Investments?
  • We recognise that what matters to people is how you treat them;
  • We want to create an environment conducive to you taking passionate ownership of your contribution.

Opportunity exceeding your expectations

We promise that your commitment to being a WEALTHSMITH will provide the basis for our commitment to offering you diverse and rich personal development opportunities aligned to your career aspirations.

At Sanlam Investments you drive your own development. We will, in turn, support you and work with you to realise your full potential. Your growth is key to us thriving as a successful business.

Are you aware of the diverse opportunities that Sanlam Investments offers and are you taking control of your own growth?

Sustained Excellence
= Excellent Reward

We promise that THOSE WHO LIVE THE VALUES of our company and demonstrate EXCELLENT RESULTS over a sustained period of time will be recognised and well rewarded both financially and with opportunities of stretch and growth.

  • Performance at Sanlam Investments is not one dimensional and nor is it short term;
  • Passionate ownership, caring more, living the values and results-based execution are just a few of the measurements used to recognise and reward excellent performance.
Are you providing sustained excellence in your role and other responsibilities at Sanlam Investments?