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Bold or Cautious Bold or Cautious

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There's a time to be bold and a time to be cautious

We’re confronted with difficult decisions everyday. It’s all about knowing when to be bold and when to be cautious.

The same can be said for investing.

When it comes to managing risk for growth and investing success, we know that there is a time to be bold and a time to be cautious. Knowing when to be which is what makes us Wealthsmiths™.



Should Moe be bold or cautious?

In order to make his decision, Moe must weigh up the pros and cons, apply all the known information and then make the right decision.

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Sanlam Investment Management
Balanced Fund

Ready to eat the dish and sign the contract? Choose the bolder option that’s exposed to a bit more risk. The Sanlam Investment Management Balanced Fund is a smart choice fund with a moderately aggressive risk profile. It aims for the best possible capital growth without taking an excessive risk and has a maximum of 75% equity exposure. If you’re ready for bold results, this fund is for you.

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Sanlam Investment Management
Inflation Plus Fund

Not the type of person to eat a deadly dish? With a guaranteed return, this fund is ideal for the cautious investor who still wants great results. The Sanlam Investment Management Inflation Plus Fund has a low and cautious risk profile that aims to outperform inflation. It offers consistency through changing market conditions and has a proven track record of stable returns. With a maximum of 40% equity exposure, this fund risks a lot less in order to gain more.

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