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Voting Poll results update

25% of participants predicted the Rand/Dollar exchange rate to be below R13 by 30 April 2016. The exchange rate at 30 April 2016 was R14.21/USD.

23% of participants predicted local equities to be the top performing asset class by 30 April 2016. The top performing asset class (in ZAR) was global bonds at 24.35% for the 1 year.

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Interesting Findings

The Satrix Property Index A1 Fund and the Sanlam Investment Management (SIM) Property A Fund were the most popular funds.

Satrix Property Index A1 Fund and the SIM Property A Fund

Minimum Disclosure Document for the Satrix Property Index A1 Fund

Minimum Disclosure Document for the SIM Property A Fund

Sanlam’s Africa Property Fund
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The lowest allocation to a fund was 2.00% - towards the SIM Inflation Plus Fund. The average fund allocation was 20.63%.

On average, entrants selected five funds for their portfolios, with one being the minimum and 10 being the maximum number.

Active funds had the highest allocation, followed by passive and then multi-managed funds. Within the passive category, the Satrix Property Index Fund had the highest allocation; within active the SIM Property Fund; and within multi-managed the Sanlam Multi Managed Balanced Fund of Funds.

How it Works

What you can expect from the competition:

  1. We will send you confirmation of your portfolio.
  2. We will send you quarterly performance data on your portfolio.
  3. We will interview, chat and engage with you about your portfolio over the 12 months.
  4. We will display and rank all the portfolios with their performance over the 12-month period.

Winning entry:

  1. The portfolio with the highest return of investment at the end of the 12-month period wins.
  2. Our portfolio managers will be responsible for managing the funds, not you.

Competition Prizes

Winner: R25 000 unit trust
First runner up: R15 000 unit trust
Second runner up: R10 000 unit trust

Important dates:

Competition commenced 1 May 2015
Competition closes 30 April 2016

Should you have any questions or queries, contact us on

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