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Investment Performance

Our consistent investment performance is the result of:

  • Our comprehensive research base and systems
  • A tried and tested investment philosophy
  • Multi-specialist team members who engage in robust debate to produce high quality investment ideas




Local Unit Trusts Unit TrustsOur unit trusts provide easy, affordable access to the markets. Depending on your investment goals, you can choose the fund that is most suitable for you. (Investments)_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Unit Trusts preview
International Unit Trusts Unit TrustsGet access to a wide range of investment opportunities in different markets and geographies. Spreading your exposure also means you reduce your risk. (Investments)_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, International preview




Active Management ManagementChoose from our range of actively managed funds across all risk profiles and asset classes, where expert money managers manage risk throughout the market cycle to optimise your returns., Active Management preview
Passive Management ManagementEnjoy the benefit and peace of mind of a low cost investment with a predictable investment outcome that is linked to specific index. Management_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Passive preview
Multi Management ManagementMaximise your returns with a unique blend of carefully selected investment managers based on your investment style, objectives and risk philosophy., Multi Management preview
Capital Management ManagementProtect the financial state and operational capability of your business with professional debt and equity financial engineering solutions., Capital Management preview
International the benefits of international diversification through our range of international investment solutions across countries and asset classes., International preview
Guaranteed Investments and Annuities Investments and AnnuitiesMaintain a quality lifestyle during retirement with inflation-beating returns on your investment, a regular income throughout retirement and guarantees on benefit payments. Investments_1920x226.jpg?RenditionID=5, Guaranteed Investments and Annuities preview



Sanlam Cape Mile heads for Grabouw Country Club - Elgin Grabouwer 12 September 2014 Media Centre Articles/12 Sep 2014 Elgin Grabouwer page 8.pdfSanlam Cape Mile heads for Grabouw Country Club - Elgin Grabouwer 12 September 2014Sanlam Cape Mile at Grabouw Country Club - Elgin Grabouwer2014-09-11T22:00:00ZThe Sanlam Cape Mile will be the biggest of its kind in the Western Cape and is expected to carry significant national appeal.
New Open Water Swim Challenge - Eikestadnuus 11 Sep 2014 Media Centre Articles/11 Sep 2014 Eikestadnuus page 23.pdfNew Open Water Swim Challenge - Eikestadnuus 11 Sep 2014New Open Water Swim Challenge - Eikestadnuus2014-09-10T22:00:00ZAn exciting and innovative open water swim will make its debut at the Grabouw Country Club on Saturday 14 February 2015.
Ripe, Reachable, Risky Media Centre Articles/Valued+added+tax_Ripe+reachable+risky_Financial+Mail_21+August+2014_Arthur+Kamp.pdfRipe, Reachable, RiskyValue Added Tax - Ripe, Reachable, Risky2014-08-20T22:00:00ZRaising Vat makes economic sense but would be hard sell politically
Increase Your Pension Equity Exposure Media Centre Articles/Citizen+-+Increase+your+pension+portfolio's+equity+exposure+-+by+Nersan+Naidoo.pdfIncrease Your Pension Equity ExposureIncrease Your Pension Equity Exposure2014-08-19T22:00:00ZThe biggest concern dogging 90% of active pension fund members who partcipated in this year's Sanlam Benchmark Survey is that they're investing too conservatively for retirements.
Gerug Loop Oor 'n Staatsbank Media Centre Articles/Gerug+loop+oor+n+staatsbank_SakeBeeld_13+August+2014_Kokkie+Kooyman.pdfGerug Loop Oor 'n StaatsbankGerug Loop Oor 'n Staatsbank2014-08-12T22:00:00ZKaapstad. - Wat is die werklike rede vir die reddingsplan vir African Bank? Het politiek iets daarmee te doen? Die gerugte loop al hoe dikker dat dit die begin is van 'n staatsbank.
Redder Kan Geld Terugkry Media Centre Articles/Redder+kan+geld+terugkry_SakeBeeld_13+August+2014_Kokkie+Kooyman.pdfRedder Kan Geld TerugkryRedder Kan Geld Terugkry2014-08-12T22:00:00ZDie kans is groot dat die Reserwe-bank die R7 miljard van belas-tingbetalers se geld wat hy gebruik om African Bank te help red, sal terugkry, meen kenners.

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